The eigth edition of Ikasenpresa Fair was held in Eibar last 14th February. VIDEO

Around 2000 students from 81 Basque VET centres exhibited their 376 entrepreneurial projects. Those were the selected ones among the 890 projects developed through Ikasenpresa programme.

Since very early in the sunny morning, the students were arriving by 50 buses organized by the Eibar Local Police in order to avoid traffic jams in the city.

The stands were, step by step, showing the products and services generated by our students along this school year. That means that a high variety of ideas were developed as a result of the richness of our VET System.

Therefore, we could preceive creative ideas in the ICT field targeting disadvantaged groups, or even focused on the industrial field. Morevover, a few projects about hairdressing, aesthetics, characterization, hospitality and tourism were also displayed.

From Tknika we would like to congratulate all the attendants to the sale point in Eibar due to their commitment and enthusiasm.

In the same way, we would like to congratulate all the teachers because due to their effort and dedication, this fair has been organised once again.

Finally, and especially, we are grateful to Eibar Townhall for their support and politeness.

Congratulations and thanks a lot!