Another course and it has given the kick-off to IKASENPRESA program through its start days during the first fortnight of October. These meetings have been held in various professional training centers in Euskadi; in paricular 14 have been developed, bringing together about 450 students from different training cycles.

Starting to promote entrepreneurial initiative was the main goal, which was developed among students through different activities. Thus, it is intended that during the development of the day, the participants worked different capacities related to the characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit; such as, how they can confront and overcome obstacles and developing or improving their confidence.

In this occasion, just a single participant of each group represented each team, taking a challenge to share in the development of the day.  Once they get back to their center, they  have to transfer what they learned to the rest of their classmates in the classroom.

All the members who  are involved in Ikasenpresa program encourage  81 professional training centers participating in this course in the program, which means a total of more than 5,000 students, to continue working with the same enthusiasm we have perceived.

The following important common meeting will be the Ikasenpresa Congresses, which will be held at the end of November and at the first week of December.